Who raised Jerry and Paul after their parents were killed?
My dad and uncle’s legal guardians were Gerald’s parents, Bertha and Daniel Kline. Jerry was sent to Milton Hershey School for Boys almost immediately. Paul wasn’t eligible until he turned four the following year. I’m currently investigating some information I found that seems to suggest that Linda’s father attended Milton Hershey as well. Her brother, LeRoy, even offhandly mentioned, “they went to Milton Hershey because our father did, of course.” My dad was never told or aware of this, so I’m trying to do a bit more research on that!

Where were their family? Did any of Gerald’s brothers or sisters try to raise them?
Jerry and Paul’s grandparents took care of them on weekends and holidays and they were very close. My father (Jerry) stayed with his Aunt Jill for a few summers as he got older, as well. His Aunt Emma told us that she had wanted to adopt both of them but already had her hands full with her own children and decided against it.

Where are his parents and the baby girl buried?
All three are buried together in a cemetary within Annville, PA.

Did the boys see both sets of grandparents?
For reasons unknown, my dad wasn’t in contact with the Seiberts. LeRoy told me that he saw the boys when they were younger (they are all around the same age, coincidentally) but hasn’t seen them in probably 40 years. Linda’s father died around 10 years after the accident but her mother was alive until well into 2009.

Where are Gerald’s 10 brothers and sisters?
Nancy and Daniel both died young. Only 3 sisters and 1 brother of Gerald’s are alive today.

Do you plan to write a book about this?
I’ve tossed around the idea but I wouldn’t be able to do so until I’ve answered all the questions I have floating around in my head. I have a lot more research to do!

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