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You can now follow Finding Kline on Twitter! Be the first to hear about leads and answered questions, plus receive updates on new posts! Just look for @findingkline on Twitter, today!

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Hiatus Over!

After a small hiatus for the holiday season, Finding Kline will be returning next week! Stay tuned for more breakthroughs and findings! 🙂

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Navy Buddies

After further digging on, I found this July, 1960 blurb in the Lebanon Daily News. It is accompanied by a picture of Gerald I’ve never seen before. Unfortunately, it’s very blurry and smudged. I’ve contacted the Lebanon Daily News … Continue reading

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Former County Couple, Daughter, Killed in Crash

This is one of the first articles I found from about Gerald and Linda. It was on the front page of the Lebanon Daily News two days after the accident. From it, I learned how my uncle and dad … Continue reading

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