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Finding Finding Kline

When I first started this blog, I dove in so deep that I almost forgot to come back up for air. My desk was filled with scraps of paper that identified ways that might lead me to more answers to … Continue reading

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Fern Achenbach Seibert

Throughout my searches of the Lebanon Daily News, I’ve been somewhat amused by the constant appearance of Linda’s mother, Fern Seibert. From what I can tell, she spent time working at different hospitals in the housekeeping department. Unfortunately, this often … Continue reading

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Mrs. Thomas Kaylor

Thomas Kaylor was married. I found this through a search on I don’t feel it would be right to put her name on here. But I do want to talk to her. I’d like to know her point of … Continue reading

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Leads: 10/22/10

I’m currently following a few leads. I sent a letter off to Phillip Maroot, the district attorney who prosecuted Thomas Kaylor. I know he’s probably a busy guy but hey, it’s worth a try! I’ve been in touch with the … Continue reading

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