Fern Achenbach Seibert

Throughout my searches of the Lebanon Daily News, I’ve been somewhat amused by the constant appearance of Linda’s mother, Fern Seibert. From what I can tell, she spent time working at different hospitals in the housekeeping department. Unfortunately, this often left her with different ailments and injuries. From these articles I managed to find churches and clubs Fern was a member of, her and her husband’s occupation and more. I’ve bolded these finds below!

Union Sunday School Picnic at Hershey Park [August 1940]
In August of 1940, at the age of 17, Fern participated in a 100 yard dash at the Union Sunday School’s annual picnic at Hershey Park. No word on whether or not she won!

Hit, Run Driver Injures Mrs. Fern Seibert, 32 [February 1955]

City police today were seeking the driver of an automobile which struck and injured Mrs. Fern Seibert, 32, wife of Franklin B. Seibert, 26 Hoffman St. near her home last night and sped away. The car is believed to be a cream-colored late model Ford.
Mrs. Seibert was struck down in the first block of East Cumberland Street, according to the report of Patrolmen Warren C. Frey and Clifford A. Roland and was found by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sullivan of 431 Guilford Street, who drove by apparently just after the accident occurred.
Mrs. Seibert was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital, where she was admitted and treated for possible injuries of the neck and left hip. Her condition was called good at the hospital today.
A man suspected of being the driver of the car which struck Mrs. Seibert was picked up and questioned by police, but a film of dust on the car was undisturbed and he was quickly released by police.

Birth of Son [June 1956]

A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Seibert, 26 Hoffman St., in the Good Samaritan Hospital at 1:15 a.m. today. Mrs. Seibert was formerly Fern Auchenbach. The father is employed by the Hershey Chocolate Corporation.

Note: This boy is most likely LeRoy.

Boy, 7, Struck By Car On East Cumberland St. [October 1963]

Seven-year-old LeRoy C. Seibert, 26. N. Hoffman St., was admitted to Good Samaritan Hospital Friday night after he was struck and knocked down by a car in front of the Food Fair Store on East Cumberland Street.
Ammon Gibble Jr., 28, of 1108 Guilford St., was identified as the driver of the car.
The Seibert boy is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Seibert.
Young Seibert underwent an X-ray examination for possible injuries of the right elbow, pelvis and right leg after treatment in the hospital’s emergency room. He was scheduled for a further examination today.
Gibble told Patrolman Carl R. Potocny he was traveling west on East Cumberland Street when the boy ran out from between parked cars on the south side of the highway. He said he applied his brakes and swerved to avoid hitting the child.
Traffic was described as very heavy at the time of the incident.

Struck by Car [February 1969]

A local woman was treated in the Good Samaritan Hospital after she was struck by a car at 12:30 p.m. Monday.
Patrolman Warren C. Frey said the accident occurred at Ninth and Guilford Streets. According to the report, Mrs. Fern Seibert, 604 N. Tenth St. was struck by the rear of the car as she was stepping off the curb on Ninth Street.
The car, driven by Samuel Vazquez Vazquez, 30, 937 Mifflin St., was making a right turn from Ninth Street onto Guilford.
Mrs. Seibert was treated for a sprain of the left shoulder. She was released after treatment.

Treated at Good Samaritan Hospital [September 1959]

Fern Seibert, 47, 604 N. Tenth St., was treated in the Good Samaritan Hospital on Thursday after suffering a small contusion of the forehead. She sustained the injury when she hit a table at work. She is employed at the Hospital.

Burned By Acid [March 1970]

Mrs. Fern Seibert, 47, 604 N. Tenth St., was treated at the Good Samaritan Hospital Sunday for a burned right hand. She was burned when she went to clean up what she thought was spilled water, and it turned out to be spilled acid. Mrs. Seibert is employed in the housekeeping department at the Good Samaritan Hospital.

Chemical In Eye [June 1970]

Mrs. Fern Seibert, 48, 604 N. Tenth St., who got a strong chemical in her left eye while at work at the hospital.

Cut On Glass [September 1970]

Fern A. Seibert, 48, 604 N. Tenth St., was treated Thursday at the Good Samaritan Hospital for a cut on the right hand suffered on broken glass.

Parked Car Causes Accident [November 1973]

A car parked with the engine running caused an accident involving a truck at Tenth and Water Streets Monday noon, according to a city police report.
The report of Patrolman George Gruber said the car is registered in the names of Franklin B. and Fern A. Seibert, 621 N. Tenth St., and the truck was driven by Charles W. Clay, 31, Newport, Pa. Seibert died suddenly Sunday morning.
According to the police report the Seibert car was parked on Water Street when it moved backward onto Tenth Street and made contact with the truck which was traveling south on Thenth. Clay, the report added, swerved his truck in an unsuccessful effort to avoid a crash. The car then spun around and traveled approximately 30 feet, mounted a curb and smashed into a rail fence at a city playground. The car then halted. Damage to the car was estimated at $375, to the truck at $40 and to the fence at $20.

Appointed to Job [December 1970]

Fern A. Seibert, 604 N. Tenth St., was appointed to a Cedar Haven job.

Appointments Made; One Person Resigns [November 1971]

Personnel actions taken Wednesday by the county commissioners during their weekly session included these:
Mrs. Dorotea Balmer, 998 E. Maple St., Palmyra, a clerk in the office of the prothonotary, submitted her resignation.
Also resigning was Fern A. Seibert, 621 N. Tenth St., a Cedar Haven employee.

Burglarized [October 1974]

A report by Patrolman Grant Switzer said someone entered a storage room at the apartment of Fern Seibert, also 621 N. 10th St., and stole Indian head pennies valued at $15 and two green Marine fatigue jackets. Entrance was made through an unlocked window.

CB League Holds Party [December 1974]

The Citizens Band Radio League of Lebanon held its annual Christmas party Sunday with 108 members attending.
Prizes were awarded to Fern Seibert, Marlin Tittle, Preston Pyles, Harold Umberger, Betty McKinney and Andora Hower.

Signs Citizens for Brightbill Movement [1977]

The last mention of Fern I could find was a list of supporters for District Attorney Candidate Brightbill.


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  1. Cindy Harris says:

    My goodness – what a lot of injuries. I think that I would have stayed well and truly clear of cars! Thanks for sharing.

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