I was recently contacted by some classmates of Gerald who lived in his neighborhood. They remembered him as a quiet kid who went to school and then headed straight home to help out around the house.

One classmate from the Annville-Cleona School System, Ray, recalled that Gerald quit school as soon as he was legally allowed. As we know, he later finished his education in the Naval system. Ray remembers seeing Gerald’s father, Daniel, tinkering with cars in the yard (he was an automechanic) but never got the opportunity to see Gerald much outside of school.

I’ve done a lot of digging on Gerald’s side, but now I think it’s time to focus on Linda. From what classmates and family has told me, I haven’t been able to piece together how the two met. Although I’ve talked to a brother of Linda’s, he was much younger and doesn’t know the whole story. I’m hoping that by finding more relatives and friends of my grandmother, I can start putting together the story of how her and Gerald first fell in love.

Wish me luck!


About formerkline

My name is Courtney. I'm a copywriter in Philadelphia. I've recently started digging into my family history and trying to find out information about my grandparents. They were killed in 1965 by a drunk driver. This blog will chronicle the search to find out who they were, what they were like and what the world is missing out on now that they're gone.
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