Two Crashes In Kings Kill Man, Three in Family

By finding the death certificates of Gerald, Linda and Theresa, I was able to find out the town they died in. The accident occured in Kings County, California. Through’s newspaper archives, I found several small articles about the accident in the Fresno Bee Republican. These articles held a few new pieces of information, including the name of the driver in the other car. This information is bolded.

From the Fresno Bee Republican, November 7, 1965:

Handford, Kings, Co.–Three persons were killed last night in a high-speed headon collision on the Avenal Cutoff, two miles north of that city, and another died in an accident on 22nd Avenue near Elder Avenue, in the nortern part of the county.

Coroner Carl Hargis identified the dead in the Avenal crash as Gerald Kline, 24, who was dead on arrival at the Avenal District Hospital; his wife, Linda, 21, and a 13-month-old daughter, Robbin, who were dead at the scene.

The victim of the other crash was identified as Max Howder, 54, of 3334 C St., Lemoore.

In the Avenal accident, Hargis said, Kline, who was discharged from the Navy in June and was employed by the Standard Oil Co. in Coalinga, was driving north on the Cutoff when a southbound car driven at high speed by Thomas Kaylor, traveling on the wrong side of the road, hit in head-on. Two other Kline children, Jerry, 4, and Paul, 3, were injured seriously.

Kaylor and two passengers, Larry Jones, 24, of Coalinga, and James Hamilton of Handrod, also were injured. All the injured were taken to the Avenal Hospital. Hamilton was transferred to a Fresno hospital after first aid.

In the other accident witness reported Howder was driving north on 22nd Avenue at high speed, and his car hit the concrete abutment of a bridge across the Kings River. Twenty-second Avenue is a main road into Riverdale from the south.

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My name is Courtney. I'm a copywriter in Philadelphia. I've recently started digging into my family history and trying to find out information about my grandparents. They were killed in 1965 by a drunk driver. This blog will chronicle the search to find out who they were, what they were like and what the world is missing out on now that they're gone.
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