Driver Faces Four Counts of Manslaughter

Let’s just say, is AWESOME. Through their newspaper archive, I was able to search for articles about Thomas Kaylor. I searched in the Fresno area and found this little gem from January, 1966. This was just about 2 months after the accident.  Another question answered!

From the Fresno Bee Rupublican, January 9, 1966:

Hanford, Kings Co.- Thomas Leon Kaylor, 23, of Hanford, has been held for Superior Court trial on four felony manslaughter counts following his arraignment in the Avenal Justice Court.

Kaylor is charged with the deaths of four persons in the head-on traffic crash Nov. 6 on the Avenal Cutoff in the Kettleman Hills east of Avenal.

Gerald Kline, 24, a Lemoore Naval Air Station sailor; his wife, Linda; and their 13-month-old daughter, Robbin, were killed instantly. James Hamilton, 22, who was riding in Kaylor’s car, died several hours later in a Fresno hospital.

Kaylor suffered serious injuries, as did three other persons. He is accused of driving on the wrong side of the road and of being under the influence of liquor at the time.

Assistant District Attorney Phillip Maroot says tests show Kaylor’s blood showerd a .14 alcohol content three hours after the accident.



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My name is Courtney. I'm a copywriter in Philadelphia. I've recently started digging into my family history and trying to find out information about my grandparents. They were killed in 1965 by a drunk driver. This blog will chronicle the search to find out who they were, what they were like and what the world is missing out on now that they're gone.
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